Helsinki Airport (HEL)
Facilities and Services

(Helsinki, Finland)

Helsinki Vantaa is Finland's most prominent airport and an important gateway for European travellers en route to Asia. In 2005, Helsinki Vantaa saw its busiest year yet in terms of passenger throughput, with approximately 15 million travellers passing through its doors.

The airport consists of two separate terminals that are connected by an internal walkway, with Terminal 1 serving domestic flights and Terminal 2 serving international flights. The International Terminal has undergone extensive expansion and refurbishments in the last two years in order to meet the demands of increased passenger traffic and both terminals offer a comprehensive range of facilities and services for ultimate user convenience.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: + 358 200 14636
Information desks are located at three different points around the airport: in Departures Hall 2 of Terminal 2 (open according to departing flights); in Arrivals Hall 2 of Terminal 2 (open 24 hours a day); and in Arrivals Hall 1 of Terminal 1 (open daily 07:00 to 23:45). General telephone enquiries can be made 24 hours a day by calling the number listed above. In addition to the general information desks, transfer information desks are located in the gate area, near to gates 26 and 30.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport offers plenty of shops and restaurants offering amusement for passengers waiting to depart as well as a wide range of other services and facilities for ultimate convenience. The airport is clean and well-organised, with competent, friendly staff on hand to assist arriving or departing passengers. Some useful numbers include:

Airport Main Switchboard - + 358 9 82771 or 61511
Airport Lost and Found - +358 0600 41006
Tourist Information Desk - + 358 200 14636
Lost Items at Check-In/Security - +358 0600 41006

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

There is a wide variety of shops at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, mainly concentrated in the International Terminal (Terminal 2), although the refurbished Galleria shopping area in the Domestic Terminal now offers a good selection of cosmetics, jewellery, clothes, gifts and more. The International Terminal features a broad range of shops including a number of duty-free stores and a brand new shopping area that was completed during extensive renovations in 2004.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport (HEL), Cafés and Restaurants

There is no shortage of eateries at Helsinki Vantaa, with plenty of restaurants, bars, cafés and coffee shops to choose from. Most of these are located in the International Terminal including two cafés that are open round the clock, while there is also a small selection of cafés and coffee shops located in the Domestic Terminal.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

Cash dispensers are widespread throughout Helsinki Vantaa Airport. In addition to ATMs, there are two banks and a number of currency exchange counters located in the International Terminal.

Business and Conference Facilities

Internet kiosks can be found at several locations in the International Terminal, while the eService Bar situated in the gate area of the International Terminal offers Internet connection along with workstations and an elegant rest area. The Congress Centre, also in the International Terminal, can accommodate up to 140 delegates in nine meeting and conference rooms that offer a full range of audiovisual equipment and catering services. The VIP Centre comprises of four separate lounges, a sizeable VIP president terminal and three teamwork rooms.

Helsinki International Airport (HEL) Disabled Facilities

Disabled passengers are well catered for at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, with lifts, wheelchair-accessible toilets and an information service for the hearing impaired. Handicapped parking bays are located in front of both terminals, offering easy access to the airport building.

Helsinki Airport HEL

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